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Experience the vibrant culture of Puerto Vallarta for Spring Break! Sandwiched between mountains, jungle and the Pacific Ocean, the city is dotted with beautiful resorts and cliffside villas. The old town’s cobblestoned lanes, and whitewashed walls are lined with busy bars and restaurants. The vibe is infectious and the good times relentless in PVR, with the city offering travelers all the trappings of a modern getaway -- the perfect mix of adventure, culture and nightlife.

Every package includes:

Open bars
Pool parties
Exclusive night events
Beachside yoga
Hotel accommodation

The Itinerary

The Plan
Coming Soon 🌴

Itinerary coming soon - stay tuned for updates!


Are Campus Vacations trips safe?

Absolutely. Places like Grand Bahama, Nassau, and Puerto Vallarta are incredibly safe for Spring Break travelers. With any location, we advise that you keep your belongings safe at all times, avoid provoking strangers, and always show respect to vendor officials and locals. We also recommend traveling in groups to and from events, especially after dark, and sticking close to the resorts and resort-sponsored events.

Does Campus Vacations offer payment plans?

Yes! Through our Pollen support team, you can access stress-free monthly payment plans, group booking options, and money-back guarantees when you book your next experience.

What fees should I know about?

Airfare fees: International travelers will be charged U.S. and foreign departure taxes and processing fees in addition to your package price. These taxes and fees vary depending on your departure city and destination, and may change according to foreign government regulations. When you book your trip, all taxes and fees will be processed and included in your final price.
Change fees: Fees will be applied for the following situations: name changes, hotel changes, and destination changes. These additional fees will appear on your final price after the change has been made. Adding your friends to an existing reservation is NOT considered a change.
Cancellation fees: If your package is paid in full and includes the Comprehensive Travel Insurance, you may be entitled to a refund through the insurance company. Please contact our Customer Service department at customer@pollen.co with any cancellation requests or questions.

Resort fees: Resort fees are a daily mandatory additional charge that the hotel property charges outside of the initial booking cost. These fees are under the discretion of the hotel and will need to be paid by each traveler.

Do I need to be in college to book a trip?

No, you do not have to be in college to book a trip with us! Most of our packages are open to the general public, mainly geared towards the young adult crowd. (Must be 18+ to book)

Restrictions may apply due to hotel and club partner regulations. Some vendors have an 18+ check-in requirement.