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We are a technology company on a mission to build, curate and deliver the best experiences all over the world...leveraging a data-driven, customer-led mindset, and a network of global partners.

Join our tech team to innovate how experiences are brought to life and become the lever for creating incredible memories.

The work you do will change the way everyone travels forever, bring people together, and make what was once difficult, effortless. This is a very human mission – to use technology to give everyone a bigger life.

Ellie B.

Lead Product Manager

Tech teams often talk about how great their people are and how they are a friendly place to work. At Pollen it isn’t just talk. I joined Pollen Tech as I was curious to see if the culture was as described. Happily I’ve found the culture to be exactly as advertised, I love working with my team and feel in control of my career at Pollen. 

Our teams decide how we work together, how we build solutions and when we can build the feature. And we are not losing that Freedom as we scale and hire more people in Tech. That just does not happen in other organisations. 

I am happy to be part of an authentic tech team that shows vulnerability and allows themselves to bring their whole self to work. We spend time on understanding what people bring to the table and how we want to work. We spend time checking in with each other, hear about our lives outside of work and make sure that everyone is happy with what we are working on. As we are heavily remote, we consciously plan time to socialise online. Those that can and want to meet face to face also do so.

Harriet B.

Junior Software Engineer

I really like working in Pollen Tech. The company culture is really nice: there are plenty of community events and parties and retreats, at least outside of lockdown. e.g. this year if all goes to plan, the company is taking everyone to Mexico!

It's also great because there's a really flexible remote working policy: you only come to the office if it suits you, and if it helps you be productive. Also the people are lovely. As a junior there's plenty of coaching and mentoring to help me grow, but at all levels there's so much collaboration and opportunities for feedback and growth. Just a generally good vibe.

The internship and apprenticeship program was pivotal for me. Mentorship here in Tech as a formalised role with a Mentor made a massive difference for me being able to improve and process my learnings, especially for beginners. Senior engineers are encouraged to mentor and share and teach. 

Working in a Freedom & Ownership environment means that it feels like Pollen Tech trusts me. Because I feel trusted, I am more likely to trust my teammates as well.

Paul M.

Data Engineering Lead

For a culture to be established it needs to trickle down from the top, actions speak louder than words. Our CTO, Brad was one of the earliest employees at the company who lives and breathes Freedom, Ownership, Mastery and Transparency, who has established a senior tech leadership team who also follow and push these values forward. 

Being able to choose when I work, what times I work, and how I work has been an extremely liberating and powerful experience for me. I am trusted to execute and deliver, yet still know I am not alone and can rely on my peers for guidance and support. The unlimited holiday is real and encouraged so I can be at my best, full of energy and firing on all cylinders!

Lastly, feedback is key for real growth; it is a key piece in making Mastery a reality and I know I wouldn’t have grown so much as an engineer and leader within Pollen tech without it. The learning potential here is great; mentoring from both peers and managers; learning forums like Tech Talks; opportunities to identify and focus on development goals - it makes your personal growth journey at Pollen real!

Callum F.

Tech Lead

Pollen is the perfect combination of great product and great people. There are always interesting, exciting and complex problems to solve, and we’re using the latest technology to solve them.

Although an ecommerce platform is obviously important to Pollen, the experience of our customers is a key driver in everything we build. We, in Pollen Tech, are here to delight the customer.

Mateusz S.

Engineering Manager

Pollen is my first time working for a product company. In the past, it was hard to make any impact on the product, which is not the case at Pollen. 

We often have conversations on both ‘how to do’ and  ‘what to do’ to have the biggest impact for our customers. Even when some projects are more top down, our teams are still allowed to discuss different solutions to solve that issue. 

Pollen Tech team is motivated by the work that we are doing because we’re allowed to our own solutions. The product is better with everyone’s input and questions and feedback.

Sheila H.

Software Engineer

Lots of people have been working from home because of the lockdown but even before then my default place of work was my home office. This is because I realised I do my best work from home, where I can relax and concentrate. It also means I'm not rushing home from work to collect my daughter from school.

I appreciate the respect Pollen gives me by empowering me to make my own decisions about how I can best use my time to get my work done. It's really powerful to be given that responsibility and, at the end of the day, it produces the best result for both the company and myself.

Ania W.

Principal Engineer

I had never come across anything like Pollen’s Mastery programme before. I’ve been able to focus on what I need at any given time and am helped along the steps needed to get me where I want to go.

I started as a Senior Engineer and have been promoted twice. I had never worked for a product company before, so I grew from contributing at a very technical level, to now being able to fully contribute to product direction. I set my own direction and drive my own growth, though many initiatives, like the work of the Belonging Board and Illuminate group, along with Mastery, have helped me level-up.

Tara R.

Agile Coach

Tech truly embodies and embraces Freedom & Ownership. Having the freedom and flexibility to work when and where I want, as long as I can be supportive of my team, is a very important part of the company culture for me.

We can choose how we work, how we tackle problems and achieve our outcomes – no one dictates how we work as a team. Everyone is super friendly and it feels like a family. When it comes to building products we embrace change collaboratively. We react. We adapt. And the rest is history. 

Tech team diversity

Identify as a woman
Don’t identify with the gender assigned at birth
People of colour
Identify as having a disability
Consider themselves to be neurodiverse
Did not go to university
Identify with a religion
Are a parent, legal guardian or carer
Of a lower socio-economic
First in immediate family to go to university
Parents on state benefits when growing up

Explore our tech stack

Our front-end engineers use React, React Native and Next.js to build applications that delight our customers. We tend to favour a more functional style of programming and adoption of TypeScript has been growing among our teams.

We leverage Python & Django to build our back-end services and deploy them to AWS. Our back-end engineers favour a Domain Driven Design approach to building new services.

We’re advocates for GraphQL and have been using the technology to connect our services since the formation of our platform. We use Apollo Federation to connect our various backend services into the gateway.

Our data stack is very modern, and we use Snowflake, dbt, Stitch, Fivetran, and Airflow to power our Looker layer. We use Segment and other message-based approaches to keep things flowing between services.

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