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We've built our culture on the drivers of intrinsic motivation, which we believe are Mastery, Freedom & Ownership, and Community.

Because to truly love what you do, you need to do work that gives you energy and helps you learn. You need to have ownership over your own outcomes and the freedom to achieve them in the best way possible. And you need to feel like you belong.



Mastery is about unlocking your full potential and leaving Pollen 10x better than you joined.

It's about understanding what you want to master, developing a passion for learning and discovering how to learn as quickly as possible for you.

We do this through a focus on self awareness and coaching, a full itinerary of workshops, and mastery sessions with your manager. This ensures your career is crafted around that cross over between what you love most and what you do best.

Mastery has helped me identify blockers holding me back and given me tools to overcome them. Through EMDR therapy, I’ve addressed my fear of confrontation and now I feel confident giving honest feedback to the team, freeing me to focus on what I love doing.

Franky K.

Communications Manager

I’ve identified that my 'x' is delivering complex projects that make a positive impact for our customer, in a team where I feel I belong. With my manager's support, I have grown in and outside of work – the way I approach and think about my work (and life!) has totally changed.

Ellie B.

Senior Product Manager

Learning at Pollen is a constant state of mind and an exciting environment to grow in, but everyone learns differently and you have to do what works best for you. I want to do the work that gives me the most energy, and at Pollen I can.

Ashley H.

Director of Growth

I love that everyone can just flow into the area where they excel the most. That’s what I always say when I am asked why I love my job, it’s because I have the opportunity to own it. We’re allowed to make mistakes and figure out where we want to go. That’s exciting and special.

Hailey M.

People Operations Manager

Freedom & Ownership

Teams work in the way that enables them to deliver the best results.

You decide your hours, where you work, the meetings you attend and how much vacation you need to achieve our goals and perform at your best.

Ellen T Senior Account Manager

I know when I do my best work and Freedom & Ownership empowers me to manage my energy, not my time. It's a really addictive way of working – I know I can serve my customers better because of it, while designing a life I love.

Ellen T.

Senior Account Manager

Fixed hours and schedules are archaic compared to how we work – you’re the one performing the role, aren’t you the best person to understand what’s a priority and when it needs to be done?

Jason G.

Strategic Sales Director


Transparency is a key part of Freedom & Ownership. Everyone needs access to accurate information to work out solutions and make great decisions.

We are building a community where everyone can be their most authentic self.

Belonging Board

Our Belonging Board sets the company’s goals on belonging and holds the company to account.

Read our CEOs letter on Belonging

Board members

Anne B.

Chief People Officer

Cathy D.

VP Customer E`xperience

Zeynep Z.

VP Brand and Creative

Anthony B.

Chief of Staff to CTO

Kaz K.

General Manager Afro-Diaspora

Rishi K.

VP Data

Franny S.

SVP Experience Ops

Alex V.

SVP Insights & Strategy

Tara D.

Senior People & Culture Strategist

Tara R.

Senior Agile Coach

Positive change tracked by the Belonging Board

Increased amount of experiences on the platform to target diverse groups by 14%

Increased representation at leadership level by 7% for women and 8% for racial diversity

Increased our marketing images to reflect diverse groups by 50%

Increased “how much do you feel like you belong” score in People survey from 7.6 to 8.1

Increase “how inclusive are leaders at Pollen” score in People survey from 7.7 to 8.1

Belonging at Pollen means that I can be the person that I am on weekends during weekdays too!

Tara R.

Agile Coach

I grew up with few gay friends and it’s only in the last couple of years, having a network of like-minded mates, that I felt like I truly belong. The workplace should be no different – Pollen is a space where everyone feels free to be their authentic self.

Jack F.

Program Operations Manager

Never did I think I would be in meetings wearing a snapback or in Arsenal gear, but at Pollen I can. Sometimes work doesn't even feel like work and I'm just hanging out with pals. Pollen has given me that opportunity to be my true self and I love it!

Jordan J.

People Advisor

Belonging at Pollen means I never have to change myself – instead, I am encouraged to be myself.

Tara D.

Senior People Strategy & Operations Manager

Team diversity

Identify as a woman
Don’t identify with the gender assigned at birth
People of colour
Identify as having a disability
Consider themselves to be neurodiverse
Did not go to university
Identify with a religion
Are a parent, legal guardian or carer
Of a lower socio-economic
First in immediate family to go to university
Parents on state benefits when growing up

Belonging through Illuminate

The mission of Illuminate, our women's programme at Pollen, is to champion women, increase their representation in leadership, help them overcome any barriers they face and accelerate strides they are already making.


1:1 coaching to aid in discovering, cultivating, and living a fulfilling career which is exhilarating and challenging.

Manager training

Training managers on supporting women on their teams to advance and deconstruct behavioural and structural barriers that prevent women from doing so.


Coaching on how to set your vision, progress in your career and position yourself in the market.


A series that shines a light on women leaders and the inspirational stories of how they got there.

Belonging through team events

We know that strong relationships based on trust are the backbone of high-performing teams who take innovative risks.

That’s why we invest heavily in bringing the team together over events such as lunches, festivals, ski trips and annual retreats. 

Global retreat

We bring the whole company together annually to collaborate with each other, take part in workshops and enjoy activities from wine tasting to archery. In past years we've taken over Osea Island in England and Camp Navarro in California.

Ski trips

We run ski trips for both the North American and European team each year. It’s a chance to get to spend team members in a different environment and have some fun.


At our regular Hackathons, we race against the clock to solve real challenges facing the company with people we may not normally work with. It’s an opportunity to do something a bit different and win an awesome prize.

Scavenger hunt

Once a year the whole company unleashes their competitive side and competes in teams across the globe to earn points through completing challenges. Last year we went virtual and time travelled from the comfort of our homes by doing activities themed around different decades.

Regular activities 

Each office regularly gets together for Monday breakfasts, Friday treats, monthly homemade lunches and lock-ins. We’ve been white-water rafting, go-karting and cocktail making – to name just a few.

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