The Pollen Booking Guide

For information about a specific experience, including the itinerary, accommodation options, lineup, and pricing, visit the page on or contact our Customer Experience Team at

How do I book a Pollen Presents experience?

Get your friends together and choose your experience.

The group should select one person -- the “lead member” -- to go through the booking process and reserve the experience on behalf of the group.

Pollen will send out an email announcing an On Sale time, itinerary information and hotel pricing options and share a link to a virtual queue, ahead of  the experience going on sale.

When booking, your lead member will choose your group’s experience, making your hotel and room choice.

Your lead member has 10 minutes (from when they start the booking process) to secure the reservation, either by paying a deposit or in full.

The lead member needs to provide their full name, email address, date of birth and address (we send the group’s wristbands to the lead member’s address) when they book.

At this point, your lead member can choose to pay for themself, to pay the group deposit or to pay for everything for the whole group.

We’ll send every member a booking confirmation email when they’ve paid their deposit.

What are my booking options?

Accommodation included: allows for full access to all events and performances advertised at the time of booking, plus hotel accommodation for the duration of the experience.

Most Pollen Presents experiences include both hotel accommodations and full access to events. However, in some cases, party passes will be available.

Party Pass: allows for access to events, parties, and live performances, but accommodation is not included. Party passes aren’t available for every experience. 

What’s included depends on the experience. For a full list of inclusions, please see the FAQs specific to your experience. 

Our experiences don’t include flights, travel insurance, transport and optional add-ons. 

What payment methods are available?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX.

  • You can pay for your place in full at the point of booking or secure your spot by paying a deposit and enrolling in a monthly payment plan.

  • Deposit amounts vary and depend on the experience you’re booking.

  • Experiences are priced per person.

  • The price per person is based on the room type you select. The room cost will be split evenly across everyone in the group.

Pay Together

  • You can secure your booking immediately by paying together. 

  • When you pay together the lead member can:

  • Pay in full (the total cost of  the experience for the whole group).


  • Set up a payment plan. The lead member would secure the trip for the group with a deposit and then enrol in a payment plan to pay the total group cost of the experience in monthly payments. 

  • If you decide to pay together and the lead member sets up a payment plan, they’ll pay for the whole group. This is final; it’s not possible to switch to individual payment plans later on.  

Pay Individually

  • The lead member pays for their spot (either in full or by paying a deposit and enrolling in a payment plan).

  • The group booking is reserved for 24 hours.

  • The lead member shares the unique payment link with the other group members. 

  • Each group member pays their share individually. They can choose how they want to pay for their spot (either in full or by paying a deposit and enrolling in a payment plan).

  • Your group booking will be cancelled and refunded if anyone in your group doesn't pay or set up a payment plan within 24 hours.

    Payment Plans

    Before choosing our payment plan option, please read our Payment Plan Terms and Conditions:

    Easy payment plans
    • Payment plans mean that you can secure your spot with a deposit and pay the balance over time at monthly intervals.

    • If the experience starts within the next 60 days, you may need to pay the full amount of the trip upfront. We may be able to create a payment plan for you, but can't promise anything.

    Easy payment plans
    • You will typically pay your first installment 3 days after you’ve paid your deposit.

    • You will then be charged every month on the same day in even installments.

    Easy payment plans
    • The final payment is taken 60 days before the first day of your trip.

    • This is subject to change - please review your custom payment plan at checkout before you pay. 

    What is a Pollen membership?

    You’ll automatically become a Pollen Member when you book for yourself and / or a group experience. Pollen Membership:

    • Costs nothing for you and your friends.

    • Allows you to level up your experience with exclusive Pollen Presents benefits, such as VIP upgrades, complimentary experiences, and skip-the-queue privileges.

    • Enables you to update your account information, including your contact details, address and payment details.

    • Enables you to book add-ons to further customize your experience.

    Can I make changes to my booking once it’s confirmed?

    Log in to your Pollen account to update your contact or payment details.

    You should contact us if:

    • A member of your group can’t come anymore. 

    • You’d like to increase your group size.

    • You want to change a name on your booking.

    There are some cases, such as if an experience is sold out or we are too close to the event, that would prevent us from being able to change your booking. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at and we’ll take a closer look. 


    Age restrictions apply - please check your specific experience before booking
    Please only invite people you know to experiences
    Don’t buy wristbands or e-tickets from third party vendors.
    Don’t resell experiences that you’ve bought from the Pollen Presents platform
    Easy payment plans

    How do cancellations and refunds work?

    Pollen Presents experiences booked on or after February 1, 2021 travelling  on experiences from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2022 are protected by the COVID-19 Money Back Guarantee.

    COVID-19 Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

    You're entitled to a 100% refund in the following scenarios:

    • The experience is cancelled by Pollen.

    • The experience is rescheduled to a later date which you don’t wish to attend.

    • You test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the experience start date.

    You're entitled to a 100% voucher for the amount you paid in the following scenarios:

    • You test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the experience start date.

    If you have COVID-19 related symptoms or test positive during the experience, Pollen will help facilitate private accommodation for up to 14 days, while you quarantine. Terms and conditions apply.

    You can also reach out to us via email at or Live Chat if you have questions about cancellations and refunds.

    For information about our cancellation and refund policy, please read our booking terms and conditions: 

    For customers in the US:

    For customers in the UK:

    You can also reach out to us if you have questions about cancellations and refunds.

    Do I need travel insurance?

    We require everyone to buy travel insurance in order to join us on one of our experiences. For more information about travel insurance for our experiences, please read our booking conditions:

    What are your terms of service?

    The Terms and Conditions are included in the booking flow, and for your convenience, we share them below as well. 


    Wristbands for the whole group are shipped to the lead member’s registered address approximately two weeks before travel.

    Every member will need to be wearing a wristband, or have their e-ticket in hand, on entry to the first event.

    Access to the events can vary from event to event. Pollen will provide details in the lead up to the experience

    How do I contact customer support?

    Our global customer experience team is available 7 days a week to help. 

    Speak to us on Live Chat

    Email us at