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Ultimate Amsterdam Weekender Guide

Amsterdam is pretty much top of the list when it comes to dream city break getaways. And it’s no wonder why! For those who like to indulge in a  bit of culture on holiday there’s countless museums and art galleries. For the ones that want to party ‘til sunrise, there’s buzzing clubs and bars on every street corner. And for those who like something a little different... well, there’s The Red Light District.

With so much going on it’s easy to find yourself leaving with a serious case of FOMO. So, we’ve compiled a list of top things to do and see for your time in Amsterdam. 

1. Rent a bike

Renting a bike is a must for any trip to Amsterdam. Especially when your visit to the city is a flying one. You’d much rather spend your weekend chilling out down by the canal with a drink in hand than hanging around for public transport. And hello! Pic with your bike in Amsterdam? That’s Instagram gold right there.

cycling in amsterdam

2. Brunch in style

Amsterdam is a foodie’s heaven! The streets are filled with trendy cafes and quirky bakeries. So, start your time in Amsterdam right and book yourself in for brunch. Betty Blue is the place to go for a super stack of pancakes. Or, hit up Sticky Fingers for an endless array of organic pastries and freshly ground coffee. Fancy something a little more filling? Check out The Breakfast Club for pretty much any breakfast you can imagine, served all day. There’s even an almighty breakfast burger on the menu!

brunch in amsterdam
photo credit: breakfastclub.nl

3. Visit the Moco Museum

Indulge in contemporary street art at its finest at Amsterdam’s Moco Museum. Here, simply viewing the works of Banksy, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons and more, is so 2000 and late. Moco Museum takes things one step further and invites visitors to become fully immersed in each art exhibition. Whether it’s bringing paintings to life through a smartphone camera, or stepping into a full-blown multi-sensory experience. 

Moco Museum Amsterdam
photo credit: mocomuseum.com

4. Head down to Chinatown

You’ve probably heard of Chinatown in places like London and New York but did you know that Amsterdam has its very own? Located near Nieuwmarkt Square and Zeedijk the streets are bustling with fabulous artisan restaurants. Nam Kee is a top pick for Chinese food in Amsterdam but you’ll find dishes from all over Asia on offer in Chinatown. Thai Bird, A-Fusion, Wau Restaurant and more just a few more options only minutes down the street. In the heart of Amsterdam’s Chinatown you’ll also find the magnificent Buddhist temple, Fo Guang Shan. 

chinatown amsterdam
photo credits: unsplash.com

5. Wine ‘n’ dine at Supperclub

Serving up suave and stylish with a side of extravagance. An evening spent wining ‘n’ dining at Amsterdam’s Supperclub is definitely one for the ‘Dam bucket list! Enjoy exotic cocktails followed by a surprise five-course meal from the comfort of bed (yes, bed!). All whilst the evening's mesmerising entertainment of acrobatics, live DJs, dancers, 260° visuals and more, unfolds before your eyes. A table reservation also includes access to the club afterwards with Supperclub’s host of party concepts that vary each night.

supperclub amsterdam
photo credit: @supperclubams

6. Try bitterballen 

A weekend living your best life in Amsterdam takes up a lot of energy. Also, at some point you’ll most likely find yourself with a not so forgiving hangover and in dire need of carbs. So, what better snack to tuck into than Dutch favourite, bitterballen. Traditionally made by deep-frying bitesize meatballs coated in breadcrumbs and served with a side of spicy mustard. Head over to Foodhallen food market to sample DeBallen Bar’s contemporary bitterballen flavours including shrimp and truffle. Or, swap out meat completely! Vegan Junk Food Bar offers vegan ‘betterballens’ at their various restaurants dotted around the city. 

bitterballen amsterdam
photo credit: @veganjunkfoodbar

7. Scale the heights with A’Dam Lookout

For the best view of the city, there’s only one place to go; A’Dam Lookout. Enjoy 360° panoramic views from the giant swing as you kick your feet out over the city. Whilst you're up there, you can also take advantage of the rooftop terrace and bar boasting stunning views all round.

adam lookout
photo credit: @adamlookout

8. Grab a coffee

Whilst coffee shops are best known for selling more than just a cappuccino, they’re also a great place to socialise with locals and fellow travellers during your time in Amsterdam - even if it’s only a caffeine fix you’re after. Check out Hillstreet Blues Cafe offering the coolest graffiti backdrop in town. A little less known, but uncompromisingly vibrant, Coffee Shop Ibiza has all of the chilled out vibes of the Med’ right in the city.

coffee shop ams
photo credit: @hillstreetbluesamsterdam

9. Catch a ferry to NDSM-Wharf

Former industrial shipyard now creative and social hub, NDSM is the perfect one-stop-shop for a weekend in Amsterdam. You’ll find everything here from vintage shops, trendy cafes and bars to a retro arcade club, art exhibitions and even a crane transformed into a hotel. We bet it’s the only crane with a top deck jacuzzi! Time your trip right and you might even get the chance to join in at one of the many music festivals that descend on Amsterdam’s coolest creative community. 

ndsm wharf amsterdam
photo credit: @ndsm

10. Wander the Red Light District

Something a little more touristy to add to your weekend but it’s fair to say that a wander through Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a sight to be seen. Aside from its better known glowing red windows, coffee shops and world’s first specialist condom shop Comoderie. You’ll find a bunch of lively, friendly pubs and bars in the neighborhood if you step back off of the main street and delve a little deeper.

red light district amsterdam
photo credit: @redlightsecrets

Header image credit: staycation.amsterdam


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