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Ibiza's Secret Nightlife

Ibiza’s party roots date back to the mid-70s, and from the beginning it was destined to be a raver’s haven. When the first ‘big four’ clubs opened — Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and Es Paradís — they set a new benchmark for nightlife worldwide and turned Ibiza into a playground for the young, social elite. The White Isle has remained relevant through the last three decades of electronic music, serving as a homebase for the world’s most influential DJs.

While Magaluf and Ayia Napa’s identities have lost their charm over the years, Ibiza proudly retains its own unique flavour and style. As a result, the best parties are secrets held close to the chest of the Ibiza locals and regulars.

Going Underground

Clubs like DC10, Eden and Underground are why you first went to Ibiza, the late-night lowkey discoveries are why you keep going back. Through locals and clubbers searching beyond the above, Ibiza has seen a re-surging grassroots subcultural scene, with values mirroring the original Balearic ravers of the 80s

Hushed parties are held all over the island, driven by an ethos of stripping it all back to what matters. These venues and events are deliberately not promoted because they don’t need to be: they naturally attract a good mix of people, all there for the music. Most are hosted without official line-ups, but that doesn’t mean those on the bill are unknown. Most DJs who start at these events quickly make their way to the superclubs on reputation alone. 

Try talking to some of the DJs and locals; they’ll be the ones to tip you off about special after parties and unprompted events like cave parties.

Raves in Caves

Yes, cave parties: the best unkept secret of Ibiza’s party scene. They began when islanders wanted to party through the night, without the restrictions of a club or boat. The law prohibits any speaker from playing outside after midnight, so the rave community responded by taking the party underground — literally. 

The outcome is inspired. The surroundings are incredible, and the sheer number of hidden caves make it almost impossible for authorities to find and shut them all down. The acoustics of having a sound-system in a cave is also something which you truly need to experience.


There’s a tonne of luck involved in finding one, but the best advice is to keep your ear to the ground, and talk to some of the locals in places like Underground or DC10. Don’t make yourself seem too keen, but just throw it out there during a conversation. You never know, you might catch a lead.

Header photo credit: redbull.com


Grant Thomas Howse

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