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The 5 Best Places in Dublin To Drink A Guinness

Here’s a lockdown question for you: how much would you pay to spend an evening in the warm confines of a cosy pub, in blissful ignorance of whatever else is happening in the world, with a pint of the black stuff in your hand? We reckon somewhere between £50-100, depending on the quality of the pub in question. 

As cities go, there are few who do quality pubs better than the Irish capital, and we’d be willing to dish out a fair few shekels to enjoy a Guinness (or several) there at the moment. Ahead of our trips across the Irish Sea later this year, we’ve swotted up on the best watering holes in the city. These just might be the best places to drink in Dublin.

Palace Bar

palace bar dublin
photo credit: CN Traveller

If you’ve been to Dublin you’ve probably been to Temple Bar, the tourist-heavy area with more pubs and bars than you can shake a shamrock at. Unfortunately, whilst the drinking spots lure in unsuspecting punters with cheap prices and the promise of good tunes, the majority blare out pretty suspect top 40 hits and hike up their prices as the night goes on. Not so Palace Bar, which, adorned with stained glass windows and their own brand of whiskey, is a safe haven for a few comforting jars before the night kicks off proper.

Long Hall

long hall pub dublin
photo credit: facebook.com/thelonghallpub

A favourite with tourists and locals alike since it served up its first pint in 1766, Long Hall is a gem in the crown of Dublin publand. Both the façade (delightfully retro) and the interiors (a hodge-podge of trinkets, oddities and nik naks) transport you to a bygone age, where the drinks were cheap, the company lively and the word “smartphone” did not exist. You will not be surprised to know that they serve Guinness by the barrel-load, but they’ve also got a wide variety of other ales if you need a break from the blonde in the black dress.


mulligans pub dublin
photo credit: timeout.com

This list would be incomplete without a proper old Irish boozer where you can settle in for the Saturday sesh. Luckily, Mulligan’s is just the spot. It stakes a claim to the best Guinness in Dublin and while it may not be the flashiest spot in the capital, the drinks are (relatively) cheap and it’s proud of its old-school, no-nonsense atmosphere. One for the purists. 


Toners dublin
photo credit: cntraveler.com

What do you value in a pub? Is it the price, the atmosphere, the food, or a combination of all three? For some of us, no pub is perfect without a beer garden to inhale pints al fresco. Toners is one such place, complete with an expansive beer garden - relatively hard to come by in Dublin. Settle in with a variety of ales and, of course, stout on tap. 


Lucky's dublin
photo credit: facebook.com/luckysdublin

Looking at this list, you would be forgiven for thinking that we had gone full Dublin old-timer, blowing smoke rings from his pipe while recounting tales of battles past and old. Fret not, we’ve still got our finger on the pulse. Lucky’s is a trendy neighbourhood pub with wine, beers and cocktails a plenty. Delicious pizzas are served from Coke Lane Pizza, a meandering food truck that operates out the back of Lucky’s. Perfect for a few slices and who knows, maybe even a Guinness to wash them down. 


Gregory Mostyn


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