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Our Handpicked Ibiza Club Highlights

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a new season for Ibiza. Whether you’ve been before or this is your first visit to the island, it can be challenging to choose the right clubs to visit. With so many venues in Ibiza achingly close together, it’s difficult to differentiate those that underdeliver from the island’s true gems.

So, here’s our handpicked shortlist of what we feel are the best clubs in Ibiza, whether high-end superclub, the Spanish beach clubs or the underground haven. 

Eden: A Postmodern Vibe

eden ibiza
photo credit: ibiza-spotlight.com

Eden reopened in 2015, revealing a revised layout with a modern, clean aesthetic. Even these changes took a backseat to the newly installed soundsystem, however. Eden spared no expense on what is arguably one of the best audio setups in the world — the latest Incubus Gold from Void Acoustics. 

And what do you do with a shiny new club and the best sound system in Ibiza? You showcase some of the most respected names in underground house and techno. Eden’s relationship with UK-based Defected Records has led to future classic sets by the likes of Sonny Fodera, Danny Howard, Sam Divine and Sam Dunmore. 

At just €20 entry, Defected’s In the House nights are also worth mentioning. These jettison the VIP treatments in favour of an ‘everybody’s equal’ policy. The grittiest of sets, through the clearest of speakers, in the cleanest of environments: that’s Eden.

DC10: A Raver’s Paradise

DC10 ibiza
photo credit: facebook.com/Dc10IbizaOfficial

If ever there were a top Ibiza club that could embody the punk ethos, DC10 would be it. When it opened in 1999, DC10 broke all the island’s rules and was based out of a small farmhouse at the end of an airport runway. Unlike other Ibizan clubs, DC10 was raw

Since then the cream of the underground DJ circuit has developed DC10’s reputation as the only place in Ibiza for the true raver. The three dance floors are an outlaw’s dream — a place for those who just want to get down and sweaty without the glitz and glamour. Due to the international recognition of DC10’s Circoloco and Paradise parties, expect to pay something around €50 for entry, though some nights will be cheaper. A round of drinks here will also be significantly cheaper than the superclubs. 

Hï: A Luxury Experience

Hï ibiza
photo credit: ibiza-spotlight.com

Hï may be the new kid on the block, but its foundations are built on a truly old school approach to clubbing. Unlike DC10, Hï is all about the VIP treatment: special booths, private gardens and a separate terrace with an air bar. There are private ‘boudoirs’ with thrones and velvet curtains and the bar puts Dom Pérignon in pride of place as an indication of what you should be drinking. It’s a decadent clubbing dream that does the high-end experience better than almost anywhere in the world right now. 

You can still have a great time without too much expense, however. The club is laid out so none of the VIP booths are lauded over the other clubbers, and Hï has plenty of other unique experiences. One of the most talked about rooms is The Wild Corner. Doubling as both a unisex bathroom and dancefloor, with the DJ booth in between the cubicles, it’s a playful area which shows Hï doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Underground: A Nightly Surprise

ibiza underground
photo credit: Resident Advisor

Compared to the nearest Ibiza clubs, Privilege and Amnesia, Underground is tiny. It’s main room holds just 1,500, with a small bar and an outdoor terrace. It’s one of those clubs where you can let your guard down and just enjoy the entrancingly good house and techno. Best of all, it has remained only €20 entry for several years. 

Most events at Underground are hosted without an official line-up, but that doesn’t mean those on the card are unknown. DJs who have held a loose seasonal tenancy quickly make their way to the big clubs on reputation alone. There’s no discrepancy between the DJs and crowd either; you’ll likely find regulars Mathew Jonson or Don Juanito from the previous set at the bar, or in front of the desk. Go on a Saturday and dress smart casual — they don't appreciate sportswear, tank tops, or costumes.

Amnesia: A Legendary Superclub

amnesia ibiza
photo credit: Amnesia

Few clubs in the world achieve a truly legendary status and even fewer survive in the long term. Amnesia isn’t just surviving though, it’s thriving. Founded in 1976, the name represents that it’s a place to forget the daily grind and lose yourself in the music. 

Amnesia’s location in San Rafael and commitment to balearic sound and atmosphere has made it the preferred club for residents and regulars since the start. 

The Club Room is the largest of the rooms, and showcases the purest techno music, with ice cannons, lazers, legendary Amnesia dancers and the occasional foam party. The real sleeper hit though is the Thursday night ABODE sessions held in The Terrace Room. London outfit ABODE has been making waves recently with a solid line-up of house and techno DJs that includes Ellie Cocks, Will Taylor, Skream, Alan Fitzpatrick and many more. Highly recommended. 

Header image credit: facebook.com/Dc10IbizaOfficial


Grant Thomas Howse

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