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Back to the Future: The Return of the Ski Suit

Every winter sports enthusiast knows that skill is only part of the deal when it comes to snow sports. Making sure your slope style is equipped to take you from knee-deep pow to table-dancing at Folie can turn your time in the mountains into a top tier trip, rather than a fashion faux pas. With so many winter styles out there, it can be hard to choose between them; are you a piste princess or a steezy shredder? The return of the all in one ski suit thankfully means choosing your mountain wardrobe just became a whole lot easier. With no need to match your tops and your bottoms you can rest easy and après hard in the knowledge that your outfit embodies a one-and-done vibe. 

Snowroller - @snowrollerofficial

As if cast from a millennial’s dream, the pastel perfect shades of Snowroller’s ski suits will have you posting on the gram in no time. The founders of Snowroller, a Norwegian brand, took inspo from a 1980’s Swedish movie and filled a gap in the market for the retro ski suit that quickly took off and painted the European mountains with a splash of colour. Snowroller’s suits are for men and women and come in a variety of ice cream shades as well as your standard mountain monochrome. Belted and adorned with pockets these super cute suits will have you covered in the style stakes and keep you warm — a win win!

snowrollers skisuit
photo credit: @snowrollers

OOSC - @oosc_clothing

The Original Old School Ski Company (OOSC) brings loud patterns and bright colours to the snow and — best of all — uses recycled plastic bottles to create their environmentally friendly all in one suit suit. Plastered with watermelons, spaceships, palm trees, leopard print, and patterns that will make your head spin before your first stein, OOSC ski suits aren’t for the faint hearted. With different fits available these ski suits cater to everyone and are a sure fire way to make sure you’re the centre of attention at après. 

oosc ski suit
Image credit: @oosc_clothing

Oneskee - @oneskee

In an attempt to make sure you stand out each season, brothers Scott & Josh Clifford launched Oneskee in 2014 and took the ski world by storm. Offering riders comfort with a stylish twist, Oneskee uses SnowSense technology to enhance the fabric of it’s ski suit and promises a 10,000mm waterproof rating — enough to cover you even in the deepest of pow. Allowing  airflow to travel from head to toe (well, almost), the Oneskee ski suit is fit for both the coolest and warmest months of the season,  whilst putting you on the front line of fashion.

photo credit: @onskee

Racysuits - @racysuits

On the higher end of the budget range is Racysuits, an American adventure lifestyle brand borne from the creations of founder Marina Barnes’ grandparents. Norma & Bob hand-crafted their own racing suits that they brandished in competitions until their late 80s. Unlike the above brands, Racysuits reflect traditional racing suits and are much tighter to allow for a more streamlined airflow when skiing. Available in every colour-way you can think of, these suits haven’t yet hit Europe in their masses, so you’ll still be looking pretty unique if you hit them up for the 20/21 Winter Season. 

ski suit
Image credit: @racysuits

Header image credit: @snowrollers


Lulu Arnett-Morrice


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