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6 Weird and Wonderful Things to do in Amsterdam

When you think of Amsterdam, you probably think of Anne Frank, canals, Ajax football club or Rembrandt. Or maybe it just reminds you of shuttling zombie-like between coffee shops, McDonalds and your hostel. There is, however, much more to Amsterdam than meets the eye. Ahead of our trips to the Dutch City later this year, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most “unorthodox” things to do in Amsterdam to make your stay more exciting than just space cakes and chips with mayo. 

WONDR Amsterdam - An artistic playground for adults

WONDR is a new pop-up installation that has proved a hit with locals and tourists alike. Put simply, it’s like a playground for adults, complete with a ball pit, swings and milkshakes. It’s become a hit as one of the most Instagram / Tiktok-able locations in the city and the perfect place for a bit of wholesome fun in the day before things start to get freaky. All you need is your camera and an open mind!

wondr amsterdam
photo credit: @wondr.experience

Electric Ladyland - The world’s first museum of fluorescent art

If you’ve dabbled in some hallucinogens - mildly or otherwise - the world’s first museum dedicated to fluorescence could be a good way to while away a few hours before getting stuck in to pre-drinks. A far cry from the tourist trap sex museums, it’s an oasis of trippy shapes and colours - a bit like walking into a lava lamp. And at only 5 euros, it’s worth your hard earned cash, and a place on your list of things to do in Amsterdam.

electric ladyland Amsterdam
photo credit: @amyanns_adventures

Over the Edge at A’Dam Lookout - Europe’s highest swing!

You’ve heard of sight-seeing, how about sight-swinging? Combining adrenaline and culture, Over The Edge at A’dam lookout offers the chance to swing off the edge of a skyscraper overlooking the canals, coffee shops and galleries.

over the edge swing amsterdam
photo credit: @adamlookout

Hangover Information Centre - Amsterdam’s only hangover cure

We’re gonna go ahead and take a wild guess you might end up overdoing it one night in ‘Dam. As it turns out, there’s a handy solution to your headachey, dry mouthed torment. And it’s not a full english and a couple of ibuprofen. Head over to the Hangover Information Centre to try their supposed cure. We can’t promise it will work, but at 5 euros, there’s no harm in trying. 

hangover information centre
photo credits: @jimweston

Condomerie het Gulden Vlies - the world’s first specialist condom shop

Walking around Amsterdam’s Red Light District can be an… interesting experience. However, there’s a world to explore away from the red windows, coffee shops and bleary-eyed tourists. Fifth on our list of things to do in Amsterdam - The Condomerie. The Condomerie was founded in the 80s as a way to promote safe sex during the Aids crisis, and it’s the first specialist condom shop in the world. Aside from educating its visitors about the importance of strapping up, it sells a ton of novelty items sure to spice up any stocking or birthday. 

condomerie amsterdam
photo credits: @condomerie

FEBO - Get a “Kroket” out of the wall

Picture this: you’ve spent the whole day in a coffee shop and you need some carbs to get you through the rest of the afternoon. You can’t face talking to anyone, and to be honest you’re not sure you’re capable of forming whole words at the moment. FEBO has the solution. It’s like a vending machine but instead of pulling out Tangfastics and diet coke, you put your coppers in and pull out fresh, hot pastries, chips, chicken and milkshakes. Our tip - get a Kroket, it’s a dutch version of a croquette, usually filled with meat ragout and covered in breadcrumbs. Perfect for soaking up booze or satisfying the munchies. 

kroket amsterdam
photo credits: @febo.nl

Header image credit: electric-lady-land.com


Gregory Mostyn


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