Get started

Get your wristband

Wristbands are sent to the person who organized your booking. They are dispatched 2-3 weeks before departure. Each person needs to activate their own wristband.

Scan the QR code

Open the camera on your phone and scan the QR code. Follow the instructions on the webpage to activate your wristband.

Give the wristbands to your friends

Everybody needs to activate their own wristbands themselves so if they are sent to you, don’t forget to hand them out.

Keep your wristband safe until you depart!

Any broken or misplaced wristbands will be deactivated and you will be charged a $20 replacement fee.

Your wristband can’t be loosened once its on. Hold the two loose ends and slide the closure towards your wrist, leaving one index finger of space between your wrist and the wristband for comfort.


Open Camera

Having problems with your wristband? Get help